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Wright window operators are probably an older Truth operator

Wright window operators are usually an older version of the Truth Operators.    Truth and Wright has some kind of agreement in the 1970’s and 1980’s, because there operators are just like the Truth Casement Operators.  The Wright single arm operators are just like the Wi1531, and Wi1532 operators.   There split arm operators are usually the Wi1526 , Wi5905 or Wi1530.   You can view all the Truth Operators at this link.  Below are diagrams of the Single and Split arm casement operators.

Wright Manufacturing Single Arm Operator

The above single arm operator have been used as a Wright window operator replacement. Note how the arm is one piece with a nylon roller Wright Manufacturing has the same type operator.

Wright Split arm operator

The above Truth Split Arm Operator has similar dimensions to the Wright Manufacturing Split Arm Operator. Note how the arm is a two piece arm

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