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Wright Products window operator 07900-we have a replacement

If you have a Wright Products window operator with the number 07900 stamped on the linkage arm then our Truth Window Operator 59.05 will work as a replacement. The lead arm and the linkage arm are the same size, but there are two glaring differences. The first difference is the position of the linkage arm. On the Truth Window Operator 59.05 the linkage arm is mounted on the bottom of the lead arm. To correct this difference you might have to move the stud bracket down, or swap out a left hand for a right hand stud bracket and mount the bracket upside down. The other difference is the housing. In 2012, Truth discontinued the Traditional housing and went to the Ellipse housing which is more rounded. To get around this issue, you might have file the operator cut out so the opening is a little larger. The Ellipse housing is about an 1/16″ thicker were it would come threw the window frame. Both of these issues are easily corrected. The Replacement Operator is our part number Wi5905, and can be found on our Truth Window Operator 59.05 Split Arm Operator web page. Below is an image of the Wright Products 07900 window operator replacement.

Truth Window Crank 21550

The above image is the replacement for the Wright 07900. Notice how the linkage arm is mounted below the lead arm, and how the housing is more rounded.

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2 comments on “Wright Products window operator 07900-we have a replacement
  1. Does this part come in brownish color? We need a right handed operator – window swings out to the right. Do we need ant additional hardware?

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