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Truth Window Sash Lock stamped 31664 information

A problem we have been seeing lately is on the Truth Window Sash Lock stamped 31664 on the back. At the time of this post we still have not found a solution to replace this Sash Lock. Truth still makes a similar Sash Lock, but it is not as tall as this one. The Wi1652 or the Truth 16.52 Sash Lock is 2-3/4″ tall, but the lock stamped 31664 is more like 3-1/2″ tall. At this point the only solution we have is to replace the Sash Lock stamped 31664, to the Wi1652, and then purchase some more trim and fill in the gaps. I know it is not perfect, but unless we find a source, it is the best we can do. The replacements can be ordered on Home Window Repair, under the Truth Window Lock 16.52.

truth window 31664

The above image is of the Truth Window Sash Lock stamped 31664

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