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Truth window part number 20810, 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470

The Truth window part number 20810, 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470 are numbers we find on the Truth Entrygard window operators.  These numbers are just stamping numbers, but they all point to the Truth Entrygard Operator 20810.  If you have simialar numbers, or are still not sure, enter a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Truth Entrygard window 20810

Truth Entrygard Dual Arm Operator 15.10

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29 comments on “Truth window part number 20810, 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470
  1. Jacob Riddle says:

    I have 3 Entry Guard windows that need new operators. The Arm has 31538 on it. 2 of the windows open to the left and one to the right. Can you please give me some advice on what parts to order? I also need pricing.

    • rbaadmin says:

      The number 31538 is found on at least 5 different Truth Entrygard Operators. Do you have an number like 20810, 20755, 20544, or 20748 stamped on the linkage arm? The linkage arm is the arm that attaches to the bracket on the hinge side of the window. If you do not find a number you can email me a picture of the operator with the window open so I can see the arms and how they attach to the window. You can do this at .

  2. Gary Dickinson says:

    I need four operators 2 left and 2 right. EntryguardTruth L30841, and 20810 are written on the hinges
    Please reply
    thank you
    Gary d

  3. Dan says:

    I’m Looking for a replacement for a Truth single arm operator. I don’t know the window brand. The unit has L30841 stamped on the arm, the length of the arm is 4 7/16″. One gear has 30843L on it, and an arm that connects to a slide on the bottom of the window to the window sill has 30744 stamped on it. The window does not hinge on the corner, rather slides as you crank open.
    Can you tell me the replacement part please? It looks like your part # Wi1510, but the Wi1510 has two arms, and my unit only has one arm. The track on the sill has 30751 stamped on it.
    I have pictures of all this, but don’t see a place on this site to post them.

    Thank you in advance for any help.


    • rbaadmin says:

      My guess is you have the older version of the Truth Entrygard Dyad Operator. The Dyad operator is the same as the Dual Arm operator, except for the longer arms (10″ arm). Just to make sure, can you send me a picture to ? The number 30744 is a number we find stamped on the hinges, you would find this number on the top and bottom hinge. The number 30751 is also a number we find on window hinges.

  4. Dan says:

    Hello Greg,

    Thanks for the follow up. I just emailed you the pictures I took. Any help in finding a replacement is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


  5. Jessica says:

    How do I remove the small arm (31538) of my dual arm window crank?

  6. Jasmine says:


    I am looking to replace a part to replace, I have the parts 31538, 20755 and the part that needs replacing is stamped 45179. I can open my window but cannot close it because the knob comes loose when I try to close the window.

    I cannot find that part 45179.

    Please respond.

    • rbaadmin says:

      My guess is you need the Truth Entrygard Operator 20755. The numbers we find on these operators are just stamping and casting numbers, which lead us to make educated guesses on what you have. The stamping number help the most, they start with the number 2 or 3, the numbers that start with 4 are casting numbers, and they are usually no help. What has happened with your operator is the worm gear has popped. When you crank the window open the gear pushes down and is held in place. When you go to open the window, the gear tries to move outward, because you do not have the mechanical leverage.

  7. Ted Braun says:

    I need a replacement Truth Entryguard operator. On one arm is 20810 and on another arm is R30842. Please let me know what I need to order for a replacement right hand operator. . The link is 4″ instead of 4 7/16″.

  8. JEFF SLATON says:

    I have a window from 1987 that needs 2 new window cranks.

    The part stamp is ENTRY GUARD TRUTH 30842R

    What do I need to order?

  9. Gordon stone says:

    I’m replacing the window opt on several windows in a state building will need like 11 lefts and rights , from what I’m reading there the older truth entrygard dyad the main lever and it’s a single not double is stamped 30841L , all the parts hooked to it start with the number 308 . Thanks for any help need prices as well

  10. Orvi Ayala says:

    Hi, I need to replace the bottom hinge of my vinyl window. The hinge was stamped and states its a Truth 30751 B. The length of the hinge is 10 inches long and has three drill screw holes along the bottom. What replacement part can I use?

  11. BLM says:

    Hi, I need a set of Left and Right casement window operators for Truth hardware. Windows are Kolbe and Kolbe (K&K). I believe they are Dual Arm operators based on a catalog of parts. They have stampings of 20810 on link (link offset up I believe, which is about 4.5″, long arm is stamped LH 30470 and is about 9.5″ long, there is a stamping 40471 and the short angled arm is L30841. Catalogs show these I think as TH 23076 and TH 23077. Can you please advise and Thanks Robert!

  12. Robert Chartrand says:

    I need to replace the mechanism of a window 30842r with arm # 20810.
    Other # on the push arm RH30472.

    patent US 4.241.541
    patent CAN 350.432
    patent 1982

  13. Dave Mignosa says:

    Hi have a 30842R stamped on the arm of my window operator.
    The arm measures 9 and 1/4″ There is only one arm coming out of the operator. It is stampled truth. Can you help?


  14. Lori Lebel says:

    Good morning
    I have 20 year old windows that require new openers. The stamp is Entry gard Truth 31538 L. The base portion is stamped with 45179. Can you please advise what I need to order? Thanks.

  15. len heinrichs says:

    where can I buy these parts

  16. scott ruttle says:

    I need a 30842 left but was reading but didn’t know the difference between a up link and a down link

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