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Truth window part number 20755, 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470

The Truth window part number 20755 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470 are numbers we find on the Truth Entrygard window operators.  These numbers are just stamping numbers, but they all point to the Wi1516 window operator.  If you have simialar numbers, or are still not sure, enter a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Truth Entrygard Window Operator stamped 20755

The Truth Entrygard Window Operator is stamped 20755

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4 comments on “Truth window part number 20755, 30841, 30842, 31538, 31539, 30472 and 30470
  1. Tim Woodrum says:

    Looking for new windows, framing with glass. bottoms of our windows have rotted thru the years. In need of just windows. Frame work, cranks and all hinge hardware is good. Wood on window bottom has rotted and allowed glass to slide down. would like to get new windows and just replace glass without impacting exterior of house. numbers on hinges are …20755-30841L and 20755-30842R. Thank You!

    • rbaadmin says:

      We do not sell complete windows, we just sell the components for windows. I would contact a carpenter if you want to save the windows. As far as finding the manufacture of your current windows, Truth supplies all window manufactures with components, except for Pella and Anderson, which leaves about 500 manufactures.

  2. Michael Poleck says:

    Entry arm is 20755 other numbers stamped 20545,30751,40887 as well as other parts clips etc. that don’t have stamped numbers. If you have replacement parts for these it would be great. Interested to buy all necessary metal parts and clips

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