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Truth window operator stamped 21221, 40759 or 40760

If you have a Truth Window Awning Operator stamped 21221, 40759 and 40760 then you probably have the Entrygard Awning Operator 11.44.  We find the number 21221 stamped on the linkage arm up by the housing, and the number 40759 and 40760 stamped on the arms.  The arm length is 13-3/8″ from the center of the arm hole to the rivet on the Truth Entrygard Awning Operator housing.   The problem we usually see on this Truth operator is the worm gear pulling out of the housing.   When you crank the window handle, the operator might work one direct, but not the other.   We do not know how to fix this without replacing the Truth Entrygard Operator.  We offer the replacement Truth slide shoes, part number Wi10005, and the Entrygard cover and handles, part number Wi1510ACC.

Truth window crank 21221

The Truth Entrygard Awning Operator 11.44 is stamped 21221 on the linkage arm by the housing and 40759 and 40760 on the arms.

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