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Truth window numbers 45002 and 40008 are stamping numbers

We recently received pictures of the Truth 11.10 Awning Operator. The homeowner said the numbers she found on the operator were 45002 and 40008. The Truth Window Hardware numbers that start with a 4 are usually die casting numbers, and since the die cast housings are used on about 20 different versions of Truths operators. In this particular case the operator was the Truth 11.10 Awning Operator. But it could of also been the 11.12, 11.14 or the 11.16. The best way for us to determine which operator you have is have the numbers off the arms.

Truth Awning Operator 11.10

The above image is the Truth Awning Operator 11.10

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5 comments on “Truth window numbers 45002 and 40008 are stamping numbers
  1. Mary Conlon says:

    I have a Brocken crank with the only number, other than patten # is 45002. It looks just like the one in the picture, the Awning operator Truth 11.10. Unfortunately the part is in NY, and I live in MA. I WAS GOING TO ORDER THE PART, then go back to install it once it was delivered. Since its 7 hours away, it was not smart of me not to look this up while I was there. What are the difference in the sizes, if i order it and it’s the wrong one, can I return it? If I wait to order it, how long does it take for delivery to NY.

  2. says:

    Got a window crank Truth 45002 the packing nut on the worm drive is striped out, the arms measure 21 1/2″ when closed the lower arms are stamp 40510 and 40511, the outer arms are both stamped 30895 can you help me with a replace unit

  3. ray horbert says:

    I have a 45002 and the wing spand is 24″ which model # is this

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