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Truth window lock stamped 31401 or 31402

If you have a Truth window lock stamped 31401 or 31402, you probably have the Truth Multi Point Sash Lock.   These numbers are found on the linkage arm, and are just stamping numbers, but we have not found them on any other Truth Hardware.  If your window lock looks like the one below, then you are on the right track.  You can order them on our website.  When the lever is lifted and window unlocks, when the lever is lowered the window locks.  We offer them in White and Bronze. Our website

Truth multi point sash lock

The above truth sash lock is stamped 31401 or 31402 on the linkage arm


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2 comments on “Truth window lock stamped 31401 or 31402
  1. Hank Vander Velde says:

    We have several windows with “TRUTH” hardware. On one window, the locking handle suddenly came out of its hole or seat whilst the window was locked close. It appears that the locking washer at the end of the shaft had come off. How would one replace the locking mechanism with the window closed preventing access to the hardware? The arm of the locking mechanism, as seen on one of the other open windows, is numbered 31402.

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