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Truth window hinge stamped 31230, 40887, 40941 and 40942

Is your Truth window hinge stamped 31230, 40887, 40941 and 40942? If so you can replace it with our part # Wi1475, the Truth Casement Hinge 14.75 – 30744. We sell our casement window hinges in pairs, meaning you get a top and a bottom hinge. If you have the opposite hand window, then the bottom hinge goes to the top and the top goes to the bottom to change the hand of the hinge. As long as you replace the top and the bottom hinges, this hinge will work as a replacement. The reason we would like you to change both hinges, is we want the same rate of rotation at the top of the window as we have on the bottom. Over the years Truth has changed there hinges, and we do not want any binding of the window. Below we show and image of the Truth 30744 window hinge.

Truth Entrygard Hinge 31230

The above hinge is a replacement for the Truth 31230 window hinge

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8 comments on “Truth window hinge stamped 31230, 40887, 40941 and 40942
  1. Dean says:

    Looking for a left hinge replacement arm for Truth #40887

  2. Jay shamoon says:

    How can I order the Wi1475 truth casement

  3. Gary Kuykendall says:

    I have a casement hinge with part number 312230B stamped on it. I tried to replace it with your Wi1475 but it is still a little long and the window will not close. Any help would be grateful.

  4. Gary Kuykendall says:

    ill get it right in a moment and read what i write before I push send.
    Once more the part number is 32130b.

  5. Carl says:

    Can I get more measurements of this part (arms, distance between holes) so that I can make sure it is exactly the same?

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