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Truth Window Hinge 31862 and 31858

In the past 6 months we have had individuals trying order the Truth Window Hinge number 31862, and 31858.   These numbers are just stamping numbers we find on the Truth Maxim Hinge Wi1497.   The numbers we find on Truth Window Hardware are just stamping numbers and only lead us to make better educated guesses.   The Truth Maxim Hinge can be ordered on our website .   If you have any numbers stamped on your Truth Hardware and would like us to research it, let us know by posting your comments.Truth Window Hinge

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4 comments on “Truth Window Hinge 31862 and 31858

    I have about 6 casement windows with TRUTH hardware number stamped 31858. The crank is spinning and my feelings would be that the gear sprockets are stripped and needs to be replaced. Is it possible to replace the operator gears instead of replacing the whole unit ? I live in Toronto Canada. The manufacturer who made these windows is now out of business.
    Your help is appreciated. Is the mechanism left and right opening ?
    Thank you.

    • rbaadmin says:

      The number 31858 is a Truth number we find stamped on a window hinge, not on a window operator. Your best bet is to take a picture of the window operator and send it to me by email. My email is , I will identify it for you and tell you what it is. For Canadian customers, we usually ship the order through the United States Postal Service. If you would rather purchase the Truth Operator in Canada, you can go to and find a Canadian Distributor. What you need is a new window operator

  2. Joyce Book says:

    We also have windows with these stamps and cannot find our original paperwork on the window company we purchased from. Our latches are fine–we could use a few more cranks to open our window but our questions and need for service are related to the windows changing colors or filming with tiny cracks etc. What would you recommend for us to get these replaced? Please and thanks-Joyce

    • rbaadmin says:

      Truth makes window hardware for every window manufacture out there except for Pella and Anderson. We have well over 100 window manufactures in the United States and Canada. I would have no idea who made your windows.

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