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Truth window handle number 45086 and 45085

The Truth window handle number 45086 and 45085 could be one of 3 or 4 window handles. The number 45086 and 45085 are casting numbers that help us narrow it down as to what you have. One of the handles is our T267, or the Truth 25.29 Two Hole Cam Handle. Another popular one is the T268, or the Truth 25.31 Two Hole Cam Handle. The differences in all of the handles cast with the numbers 45085 and 45086 is the mounting base. Both of these handles are surface mounted and are constructed of a die cast metal that is then powder coat painted to your selected color. If you are still unsure, you can email me a picture @ or call us 1-800-642-2403.

Truth Window Lock cast 45085 and 45086

The above handle is our T267, on the handle it is stamped 45085 an d45086

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