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Truth split arm operator stamped with number 31850 on linkage arm

We sell a lot of Truth operators, but lately we have seen quite a few of the Truth Split Arm Operator 15.30’s.  They have the number 31850 stamped on the linkage arm, which is the arm that attaches to the window, via a bracket.  The problem we are seeing are broken gears and split housings.  A broken gear is when a tooth has broken on the gear.  When the housing splits, the top of the housing pulls the rivets out of the base.   Either way the operator does not work the way it should.   In the image below shows the new style housing.  The older style housings were more squared off.  The number 31850 is stamped on the 5″ long arm on the right side of the picture.   This operator shown is a left hand version.  We keep this operator in stock, our part number Wi1530, they can be ordered on our website.

Truth Window Operator 15.30 stamped 31850

In the above image the arm on the right side is stamped 31850.

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