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Truth operator stamped 41016 and 41013, it is a Maxim crank

Is your Truth operator stamped 41016 and 41013, if it is, it is probably a Truth 51.00 Maxim Awning Operator.  The operator is usually mounted on the bottom part of the window and pushes the bottom of the window out.  The window would swing like a one piece garage door.  We find the numbers 41016 and 41013 stamped on the arms that attach to the window.  The operator has a plastic shoe and a plastic shoe clip. The plastic clips are available separately if yours have broken over the years.   The cranking mechanism has been manufactured since about 1998.  Below is an image of the operator in the open position.

Truth Maxim Crank

the above image is of the Truth Maxim Awning Operator in the semi-open position.

This operator and the components can be order on our website, Truth 51.00 Maxim Awning Operator.

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