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Truth hardware stamped 45054 is the Truth Long Handle

If you have a Truth Window Hardware Handle stamped or cast 45054, they you have the Truth Long Handle.  The number is just a number cast into the handle, so it does not tell us the color or anything else.  It just tells us it is a Truth Crank Handle with the 11/32″ spline (operator shaft size).   The only manufacturers that I know of who use this size shaft are Truth and Wright Manufacturing.  You can replace your Truth Long Handle with the same crank handle, or you can choose any of the Truth Handles on our Window Crank Handles page of our website.  This is may be helpful, especially if you have mini blinds or plantation shutters you are trying to work around.  We stock the Truth Long Window Handle in 6 different colors.   The image below shows the Truth Long Window Handle.

Truth Crank Handle

the above image shows the Truth Long Crank Handle and the measurements. This handle is shown in the gold color


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2 comments on “Truth hardware stamped 45054 is the Truth Long Handle
  1. William Dill says:

    I need to replace a crank on my Biltbest window. My crank has the number 6 located over 45054. There seems to be a lot of information on 45054 but I have seen some which state the number 14 or 16 where my crank has a 6. Will any replacement for 45054 work or does the 6 mean something?

    • rbaadmin says:

      The number 14 or 16 is just the die number, or casting number so Truth Window Hardware can keep take of issues they may have. The number 45054 is a number we find on the Long Crank Handle. If you are looking to replace the operator, the number 45054 will not tell us what you have. Your best bet is to send me a picture of your operator to, or look for numbers stamped on the operator arms.

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