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Marvin Windows use Truth Window Operators and Hardware

Marvin Casement Windows usually use Truth Casement Window Hardware.  To identify which hardware you need, look on your window hardware, especially the arms,  for numbers that are stamped on them.  Once you find the numbers you can use those numbers to search our blog for your operator.  You can also go to our website under and look under Truth Casement Operators.  Once you are on our site you can type the numbers you have found on your operator into the “Search entire store here” box.  If all  else fails, you can always email us a picture of what you have, and we will do our best to find it for you.   If you have any questions on Marvin Casement Windows, call and speak to our Window Experts.

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2 comments on “Marvin Windows use Truth Window Operators and Hardware
  1. Bob Woods says:


    I need an operator for a Casement window.

    On the arm I found these #’s 40987.

    From the inside it is hindged on the left and opens on the right.

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