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4 bar window hinges for casement, awning, and hopper windows

4 bar window hinges are made for casement, awning and hopper windows.  There are many lengths, stack heights and widths of these hinges.   This post is designed to take some of the confusion out of replacing your current four bar hinges.   We sell replacements hinges from A. W. Anderberg (Truth)  and Bronze Craft.

Dimensions (measurements) :
There are three critical measurements on four bar window hinges.   The first is the track length, this is the length of the track, we do not include the triangular tip when we measure these.  So if your  length is 12-3/8″, the actual track length is probably 12″.   The second is track width.  The track width is the outside dimension of the track, usually 23/32″ or 29/32″ if you have A.W. Anderberg Hinges.   The third measurement is stack height.   The stack height is the dimension when all the arms are stacked on top of each other.   These measurements are usually 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″  or 5/8″.

Types of 4 bar windows:
We usually see these window hinges on Casement, Awning and Hopper windows.   A casement window swings like a regular door, were it is hinged on one side.  Another type of casement we see is the egress casement window hinge.   The egress window hinge are designed so the window does not swing into the opening as far as a standard casement window hinge.  Also, the slide on the egress hinge is usually on the side of the track opposite of the triangular track cap (triangle tip).  An example of the Egress 4 Bar hinge are the 222SS and 333SS hinges.  An awning window swings like a one piece garage door, opening from the bottom.   A hopper window opens at the top and swings either in or out.   We see hopper windows in commercial buildings like schools, colleges, and hospitals.

The materials used on four bar window hinges is usually, cadmium plated steel (gold color),  aluminum, or stainless steel.  Some examples of the cadmium plated hinges are the 201ST and 301ST.   Examples of the stainless steel hinges are the 201SS and 301SS hinges.  Aluminum hinges are usually A.W. Anderberg hinges, and we just got word the they are being discontinued.   So if you have a 77AL or 301AL A.W Anderberg hinge, you might have to replace them with the 301ST hinges.  The only problem with this is the stack height might not be the same, so you might have to shim the replacements.  At the time of this post, we still have some aluminum A.W. Anderberg hinges left stock.

If you have any questions on the 4 bar window hinges, A.W. Anderberg, or Bronze Craft hinges, please let us know!


steel four bar hinge

The above hinge is a gold hue, it is a Cadmium Plated 301ST A.W. Anderberg 4 bar window hinge. You could have this hinge or the 301ST A.W. Anderberg Hinge if the color matches.

Egress casement window hinge

The above hinge is an egress 4 bar hinge. Note how the slide is on the opposite end of the triangular tip


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