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Website tips for all powered websites

Website tips for all powered websites. 

There are a few tips that we feel are important or time savers for you, our customers.  The first tip and a major time saver is to switch the ” Grid  List” to “List”.  By doing this you can look at all the products and the Short Description.  The pages will be longer, but all the information will be at your finger tips included dimensions, whats included, and finishes.  The second tip and time saver is the “Related Products“.   Related Products are shown on the right hand margin once you click on the product.   Related Products are items that go with the different pieces of hardware.  For instance, if you go under the” G199005 Doromatic Pinion Gear“, you will see the Retractor, Cylinder Bushing, and Traveler Assembly.   If you click on the other products, or click select all and it will put them in your shopping card automatically.   These tips will work on all of our websites shown below.

Commercial and School Hardware
Commercial Door Hardware
Toilet Partitions and Stalls
Locker Hardware
Commercial and Residential Stair Treads


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