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Our Markar Reinforcing Pivot Hinges are now non handed

For the past 25 years we have been selling the Markar Reinforcing Pivot Hinges, well in the last 6 months they have come out with there new non handed version.  These hinges are a great preventive tool, to stop the screws on your butt hinges from pulling out.  The hinge absorbs the vibration, and because the screws are mounted axially, they are a lot stronger then regular hinges.  The non handed version will work on Right Hand or Left Hand Doors, and come in 1/2″ off set, or 3/4″ off set.  The off set is the distance from the door face to the center line of the pivot bushing.   On a 4″ wide butt hinge the off set is 1/2″, on a 4-1/2″ wide butt hinge the offset is 3/4″.  The new Reinforcing Pivot hinge is made of steel that is then zinc plated, to give it a blueish steel color.  The hinge comes with all the fasteners, two sex bolts, machine screws and wood screws, so you do not have to purchase any thing else.  The new non handed version will line up with the holes of the older B1923’s and B1921’s, so if you have to purchase replacements, there is no new drilling or tapping of holes.   You can order the Reinforcing Pivot Hinge for 4-1/2″ wide butt hinges, or the Reinforcing Pivot Hinge of 4″ wide butt hinges on our website.  We also have the replacement bushings and screws in stock for immediate delivery.

Markar Reinforcing Pivot HInge

The above image is the New Markar Reinforcing Pivot Hinge, which will work on Right hand or Left hand doors. The image shows it in a Left Hand configuration.

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One comment on “Our Markar Reinforcing Pivot Hinges are now non handed
  1. viethamvui says:

    This Markar B1923 is a full surface reinforcing pivot hinge which is ideal for solving door sag problems in an economical way in schools, health facilities and other public buildings.

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