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How To Undo One-Way Screws With A One-Way Screw Remover Tool

We often get the question, “How do you remove one-way screws from toilet partitions and other hardware?” If you were the person who originally installed the one-way screw, you probably thought you would never have to unscrew it. It is possible, however, that you will run into a situation someday where you will want to undo it.

It is also possible that you will come across one-way screws in your home or at your place of work that someone else had previously installed. If you are making renovations to your home or doing construction for a business, you may one day find that you need to remove a one-way screw in order to remodel it the way you see fit.

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One-way screws, also commonly referred to as security screws, are made with the purpose of being difficult to unscrew. These anti-theft screws are meant to be permanently screwed into a piece of equipment, such as toilet partitions, without ever having to be removed. Their intended use is to prevent unauthorized individuals from unscrewing them and from potentially vandalizing something that is not their property.

One-way screws only twist in one direction, clockwise. In other words, they are only meant to be tightened and not loosened. This means that, although you probably used a regular screwdriver to install the security screw, you will be unable to use that same screwdriver to undo it.

Should the situation ever arise that you need to remove a security screw from a toilet stall or from another type of fixture in a public restroom, you can use a one-way screw removal tool, which is also known as an undo it tool. We have provided some helpful tips and tricks below on how to remove one-way screws by using these one-way screw removers.

Selecting Your One-Way Screw Remover

An un-do-it removal tool or a one-way screw remover will appear similar to your typical screwdrivers. The head of a one-way screw remover differs in that it has two pins to help with gripping the screw. It is not impossible to remove one-way screws if you know where to purchase the right one-way screw remover for the job.

You can find these undo it tools sold online in either singles or in three packs. Be sure to read the product description and order the correct one-way screw remover tool that will properly extract your specific model of screw.

One-way screw remover tools are offered in specific sizes and each size will only work on a designated size of screw. For instance, the Toilet Partition One-Way Screw Remover for #12 & #14 Screw should be used to unscrew #12 and #14 security screws. The Toilet Partition One-Way Screw Remover for #8 & #10 Screw will work on #8 and #10 security screws and the Toilet Partition One-Way Screw Remover for #6 & #8 Screw will work on #6 and #8 security screws.

Using A One-Way Security Screw Removal Tool

Once you have the correct one-way screw remover in your possession, you can begin the process of unscrewing the security screw. You can learn how to remove one-way security screws with your new one-way screw extractor tool by following these simple steps.

To remove the security screw from your toilet partition or from another surface, you will want to begin by lining up the end of the tool to the screw. Make sure that the two pins are placed directly into the holes or slots that are found on the screw head. To make it a little bit easier, hit the top of the one-way screw remover lightly with a hammer in order to make slight divots in the head of the screw.

Using your one-way screw removal tool or one-way screw extractor, press down and twist the security screw counter-clockwise or lefty-loosey. Try to keep a firm grip on the handle of the one-way screw remover and continue to press down while twisting it to the left. The security screw should soon begin to loosen and ultimately pop out of the surface in no time.

Follow these quick steps and you will soon be on your way to properly using your new one-way tamper-proof screw removal tool. For more tips on how to use other similar tools and equipment, be sure to read more posts on our blog.

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