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Toilet Partition terminology for bathroom stall components and parts

This post is to clarify the names of the different  components on toilet partitions or bathroom stall dividers.  We have 4 main components in today’s toilet partitions, We have the Panels, Doors, Pilasters and Head Rail.  The diagram below shows the different components and there specific location.  The first item is the panel.  The panel runs from the wall, to the pilaster, this is what people usually write on when they are using the toilet.  The panel is usually held in place by Two Ear Toilet Partition Brackets, or a Continuous Bracket on the pilaster and the wall.   The pilaster is what the Bathroom Stall door hangs on (hinges mounted to) and holds the panel in place.   The pilaster is usually held in place by a pilaster mounting bracket on the floor and held in place at the top by the head rail.  The door is, well the door.  The door hangs on hinges that are mounted on the pilaster, and is stopped with a keeper bumper, which is also mounted on the other pilaster.  The head rail is the strip of aluminum at the top.  The head rail is mounted to the wall with a head rail bracket and then attached to the pilaster with another head rail bracket.  The head rail usually fits over the top of the pilasters, which holds the pilasters in place with a screw or two.  The materials for toilet partitions are usually Metal (powder coated steel), Plastic Laminate (Formica or Wilsonart), Solid Plastic (HDPE), Stainless Steel, or Solid Phenolic (either black core or color thru).   Metal bathroom stalls dividers are usually electro-galvanized steel and are then powder coated or electro-statically painted.  The benefit of the Metal bathroom stall dividers are the cost, they are the most economical.  Plastic Laminate partitions are usually a Formica or Wilsonart coated 45 pound density resin impregnated particle board.  The Plastic Laminate toilet partitions are not recommended for high moisture areas.  Solid Plastic Bathroom dividers (HDPE), are made of a high-density polyethylene material that has a solid color all the way thru.  They are low maintenance, very good durability, water resistant, and are unaffected by steam or high humidity.  Solid Phenolic toilet partitions are comprised of multiple layers of melamine resin impregnated craft paper that are glued together under high pressure.  The layers can be the same color or some have black paper (black core).  The benefits of Phenolic are  they are easy to clean, and are ideal for high moisture areas like showers, pools, and saunas.

Metal Bathroom Stall Components

The above image shows the different toilet partition stall components and there names. They are the panel, pilasters, door, and head rail.

On our website you can order doors, panels, pilasters and head rail separately, or if you are looking for a complete installation you do that also.  We also offer a complete line of replacement hinges, latches (slide and concealed), brackets, pilaster anchor packages, pilaster shoes, head rail brackets and privacy covers, or 8000 pieces to be exact!
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