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Toilet Partition Surface Mounted Hinges for bathroom stall doors

Next to latches and brackets, Toilet Partition hinges are a part we sell a lot of.   Most people have toilet partition hinges that are concealed in the door, many of these are hard to replace unless you have a newer bathroom door and know your toilet partition manufacture.   A solution for you might be our Surface Mounted Toilet Partition hinges.  Another application for the Surface mounted bathroom stall hinge would be if  your toilet partition door is bent.   Because the doors usually get bent on the corners, were the current hinge is, an O.E.M. toilet partition hinge will do no good.     A surface mounted toilet partition hinge is a hinge that is surface mounted on your door and pilaster (panel support).  The hinges come with all of the hardware for mounting.   The surface mounted hinge is thru bolted thru the door and pilaster.   Our Surface mounted toilet partition hinges come in a variety of materials, shapes  and sizes.  We offer the surface mounted hinges  in chrome plated die cast, and stainless steel,  and are barrel or square shaped.  The surface mounted hinges are handed so please check your door for the hand and visit our website for the handing diagrams.  The picture below shows what the surface mounted toilet partition hinges look like.  They can be ordered on our website!

Surface Mounted Bathroom Stall Hinge

The above Surface Mounted Toilet Partition Hinge is a picture of one our Stainless Steel hinges.

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