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Toilet partition stall one way screws, how to get them out

Toilet partition stall one way screws, how to get them out.   There are a couple of ways to get the screws our, but our favorite is the Toilet Partition Un-Do-It Screw Driver 3 pack, otherwise known as the “One Way Screw Remover 3 Pack”.   To use this screw driver set, you simply place the Un-Do-It Screw Driver on the one way screw head, and tap it with a hammer.  The hardened steel tips of One Way Screw Remover will make indentations on the one way screw and should give you traction to remove the screws.  We stock the One Way Screw Remover in the three pack, and also in the individual sizes.   The 3 pack will cover one way screws sizes #6 to #14, our part number 9A0801.   You can also purchase the driver for #6 and #8 screws, part # 9A0804, #8 and #10 screws, part # 9A0807, and #12 and #14 screws, part # 9A0810.   We also stock replacement one way screws, they can be purchased at this link.

Bathroom Stall One Way Screw Remover

By placing the two hardened steel tips of the Un-Do-it on your one way screw and tapping with a mallet, you should be able to remove the screw.

toilet partition one way screw

This is what a one way sheet metal screw looks like

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