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Toilet partition stall continuous brackets – a brief description

There are  many toilet partition wall brackets and supports out in the industry today, but not to long ago we only had a few choices.  In the old days we only had the chrome plated die cast toilet partition wall brackets that were not that strong.  Today, we can get just about any bathroom stall wall bracket in chrome plated, aluminum and stainless steel just to name a few.  But if you really need to strengthen you toilet partitions, the continuous wall brackets might be the way to go.  We can now get the continuous bathroom stall wall brackets in Aluminum and Stamped Stainless Steel, and they come in “U”, One-Ear, Two-Ear, “L” and “H” profiles.  Along with the different profiles and materials, they come in different lengths, from 41″ to 57″ long, they can always be cut in the field to fit in tight spaces.  The benefits to having a continuous bathroom stall wall bracket is the strength they impart on the installation, and also additional privacy (no more peep holes).  The continuous brackets are a stronger support, and also have more mounting holes so your wall mounts do not have to be as strong.  They range in price from about $40.75 ea for aluminum to $135.00 for a stamped stainless steel two-ear wall bracket.   On our website we have our continuous wall brackets under Toilet Partition Common Parts – Toilet Partition Brackets – Toilet Partition Brackets Aluminum or Toilet Partition Brackets Stamped Stainless Steel.  We stock all of the different sizes and shapes.

Bathroom Stall Continuous Two Ear Brace

The above bracket is the continuous two ear bracket, in aluminum. They come in 41″, 54″ or 57″ lengths

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