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Toilet partition slide latch 5020 cast on back – also known as a surface mounted latch

If your toilet partition stall surface latch has the number 5020 cast into it on the back, then you have our part # 9F0302.  The 5020 latch was used on bathroom stalls made by Fiat, General, American Sanitary, Flush Metal, Metpar, Ampco and Hadrian Partitions, just to name a few.  It features a 2-3/4″ hole spacing, 9/16″ bar to base clearance, and the diamond shape base is 2″ x 4″.   The slide bar is 3-1/8″ long.   The slide latch is constructed of a die cast material  that is then polished chrome plated.  This  latch is shipped with the sex nuts and screws.  We sell a couple thousand of these each year. They can be ordered on our website.

Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt Latch

The above Toilet Partition Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt latch is used by many of the bathroom stall manufactures. The base is 2-1/8″ x 4″

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