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Toilet partition door locks, is as simple as knowing the material

Toilet partition door locks, is as simply as knowing the material you have.  We sell a lot of bathroom stall door latches and locks, and there respective hardware.  Replacing your latch or lock is easy.  Step one is to determine if you have a surface latch or a concealed latch.  A surface latch mounts on the surface of the door without any thru holes on the door.   A concealed lock mounts in the door and there is a hole that goes thru the door.  Surface Toilet Partition Door Locks can be found on our website, along with the Concealed Toilet Partition Door Locks.  You can also search for your replacement lock if you know the manufacture of you Bathroom Dividers.  These can be found on our website under Toilet Partition Hardware by Manufacturer.  If your Bathroom Dividers are made of Solid Plastic (HDPE) or Solid Phenolic, then you need to look under the Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch Aluminum.   If this has not helped, you can always contact us by phone, email or fax.

Bathroom divider surface mounted door lock

the above image is a Toilet Partition Surface mounted door lock

Bathroom Stall Toilet Door Concealed Door Lock

the above image is a Toilet Partition Concealed Door Lock. This example is sold as a set and comes with the latch pin

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