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Toilet partition bracket stamped 1280 is a urinal screen bracket

If your toilet partition bracket is stamped 1280 then you have a urinal screen bracket.  This bracket is usually used on Urinal Screens, which are the walls between men’s urinals, to hold the partitions to the wall.  The bracket is made of a zamac casting that is then chrome plated.  The bracket base measures 1-1/2″ x 4″, with a 3″ center to center hole spacing.  The bracket projects out 3-1/2″, with the mounting holes at 2-1/8″ and 3-1/8″ from the base.  The distance between the legs is 1″, this is for use on 1″ thick panels.  The holes used to mount the bracket to the wall and to the urinal are 1/4″ diameter.  The 1280 Bracket is sometimes called a Bathroom Stall Bracket, Toilet Partition Bracket, Two Wing Bracket, or Urinal Screen Bracket.   The 1280 urinal screen bracket is one of our more popular brackets.   The TOILET PARTITION TWO EAR URINAL BRACKET CHROME PLATED can be purchased on our website.

Bathroom Stall Two Wing Urinal Screen Bracket

The above image is of the Toilet Partition Two Ear Urinal Screen Bracket.

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2 comments on “Toilet partition bracket stamped 1280 is a urinal screen bracket
  1. Leo Heydorff says:

    is the inside dimension 3/4″ ? ifso I need threee of these when can they ship?

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