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The difference between Urinal Screen and Toilet Partition Brackets

The difference between Urinal Screen and Toilet Partition Brackets is usually just the length of the bracket.   A Urinal Screen Bracket mounts deeper into the urinal screen than a Toilet Partition Bracket.  Most Urinal Screen Brackets are about 3-1/2″ long,  were the Toilet Partition Brackets are only 2-1/2″ deep.  Both brackets come in “U”, One Ear, Two Ear, Or “L”, and can be continuous or only 1″ long.   They come in Cast Stainless Steel, Stamped Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Chrome Plated Die Cast.

The Bathroom Stall Urinal Screens come in “U”, One Ear, Two Ear, or “L”.  A “U” Bracket is simply a U shape with three or five holes depending on the type of bracket.  The one hole is for mounting the bracket on the wall or into the pilaster.  The other 2 or 4 holes are for through bolting it thru the Bathroom Stall Panel or Pilaster.  The One Ear Bathroom Stall Bracket is the same a the U Bracket, but has one leg on the wall mounting face.  The Two Ear Bathroom Stall bracket is the same as the U bracket, but has two legs.  The “U”, One Ear, and Two Ear Brackets are sold in different sizes for the different thicknesses that may be encountered in the field.   They usually come in 3/4″, 7/8″, 1″ or  1-1/4″.  The “L” Bathroom Stall Bracket is a “L” shape, and do not come in different thicknesses, because you can you two “L” brackets on each side of the Toilet Partition Panel, Pilaster, or urinal screen.

One Ear Bathroom Stall Bracket

The above bracket is a one ear urinal screen bracket, note how it goes deep into the urinal screen

Bathroom Stall two ear bracket

The above bracket is a Toilet PartitionTwo Ear bracket, usually used on panels. Note that this bracket is not as deep as the urinal screen bracket.

Bathroom Stall  U Bracket

The above Bathroom Stall Bracket is a “U” bracket, note how it has no legs on the side

Bathroom Stall Urinal Screen L Bracket

The above image shows two L brackets, note how they are two pieces so you would not need to know the thickness of your Toilet Partition Panel or Urinal Screen

All of these brackets and 85 more can be ordered at our website .
In our next post we will talk about Toilet Partition Stall Continuous Brackets.

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