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Surface mounted toilet partition gravity hinges-an easy solution

If your current bathroom stall door is falling off, or the hinges are damaged then surface mounted toilet partition gravity hinges would be an easy solution.  A surface mounted gravity hinge set is thru bolted thru the door and pilaster, so even if your bathroom stall doors are damaged on the corners, you can use these hinges.   Schools, YMCA’s, Universities and non profits use these the most,  because they do not have the money to purchase a completely new toilet partition doors.  The hinge that I am focusing on in this post is our 9A70B1 and 9A70B2 TOILET PARTITION HINGE SET CHROME PLATED , it also goes by the name 7021 hinge set, 656-6572 hinge set, 656-6575 hinge set and 7011 hinge set.  It is a self closing hinge set that uses gravity to close the bathroom door.   This hinge set is our largest seller, and the most economical.   The hinge set is made of a cast brass that is then polished chrome plated.   The surface mounted gravity hinge set included two hinges, and  ships with all the fasteners needed to install this on your current bathroom stall doors.   This surface mounted toilet partition hinge set is handed, and I show the handing diagram below, along with a picture of the hinge with dimensions.  For more information on the Surface Mounted Gravity Hinge Sets, or to see our complete line of Partition and Stall parts and hardware, please visit our website.

Toilet Partition Gravity Hinge Set

the above hinge is one of the hinges in our Toilet Partition Hinge Set. When ordered you receive two them, one for the top and one for the bottom of the door.

Bathroom Stall Toilet Partition Gravity Hinge Set

The above diagram is the Bathroom Stall Toilet Partition Hinge Set handing diagram

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