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Replacement Bathroom Stall Brackets in Stainless Steel

Are you tired of the inexpensive die cast metal Bathroom Stall Brackets cracking and breaking? If so the solution might be as easy as swapping them out with cast stainless steel brackets or using a continuous bathroom stall bracket. Because the die cast brackets are made of a brittle metal, they tend to crack easily. Stainless Steel has a higher tensile strength and is a much denser material. Most of the die cast brackets used in industry today have identical cast stainless steel brackets. Most of the die cast brackets have a number stamped on the back of them. Use this number to search our Toilet Partitions and Bathroom Stalls website in the “Search entire store here..” box. You can also visit our Cast Stainless Steel Wall Brackets section or our website. Or call our Toilet Partitions Techs at 1-800-642-2403

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2 comments on “Replacement Bathroom Stall Brackets in Stainless Steel
  1. William Barrett says:

    I’d go for the quality ones that can last for a long time rather than cheap but low quality ones which will end up havng to spend more. Stainless steel brackets are tough but I wonder how much they really cost.

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