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High Moisture area Toilet Partition Stalls – Which ones to use?

If you are installing Toilet Partition Stalls in an area with steam, high humidity,  and water, then you want to use Solid Plastic (H.D.P.E., Solid Polymer) or Solid Phenolic partitions.  Both of these materials are very well suited to high moisture areas.

Solid Plastic

  • Plastic Toilet Partitions, Solid Plastic alcove.
  • Designed for high-traffic public facilities, parks and schools
  • The high-density polyethylene material has homogenuous color throughout each component. Self-lubricating surface resists markerings from pens, pencils, etc. Has low maintenance; good durability, water resistant, unaffected by steam or high humidity. Available in overhead braced/floor anchored and floor-to-ceiling anchored only.
  • Doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens – 1″ thick, doors and panels are 55″ high.
  • Hardware – Available with hidden integral hinges or wrap around vault-type hinges. Cam-action hinge permits door to remain at desired position when not in use. Slide latch, striker and keeper, and coat hook are chrome plated alloy. Slide latch assembly allows for emergency access. Standard brackets are 54″ long extruded PVC color to match partitions. Pilaster shoes are molded plastic to match partitions. Stainless steel shoes and full height aluminum brackets are availble to no up charge
  • Installation instructions and all mounting hardware are supplied with each order.
  • Ordering Online All Solid Plastic(HDPE) Partitions

Phenolic Toilet Partition

    • Ideal for extreme moisture conditions in showers, pools and saunas. Surfaces are smooth and easy to clean
    • Phenolic material is comprised of multiple layers of melamine resin impregnated kraft paper to give a black core and a decorated surface sheet on both faces. All layers are fued together under high pressure. Material of choice where durability and strength are required. Uses stainless steel brackets. Impact and corrosion resistant: does not support bacteria.
    • Doors and pilasters – 3/4″ thick
    • Panels and urinal screens – 1/2″ thick
    • Hardware – Cam-action hinge permits door to remain at desired position when not in use. Hinges, strike and keeper are brushed aluminum. Cam-action hinge allows emergency access by lifting door.
    • Installation instructions, and all mounting hardware are supplied with each order.
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