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Hadrian Toilet Partition Latch Cover cast with the number 601200

If your Hadrian Toilet Partition Stall Latch Cover is cast with the number 601200, then you have our part number 9HH200, Hadrian Toilet Partition Latch Cover.  This latch has an outside diameter of 1-9/16″, 1-3/8″ interring diameter, the two indentations are 3/4″ on center.  We also sometimes find the number “601200 TY” inside the knob.  The knob is made of a die cast material with a polished chrome finish, and has “Hadrian” cast right into it.  The cover goes with our part numbers 9HH100 (Hadrian Latch Knob), and 9HH110 (Hadrian ADA Barrier Free Latch Knob).  The 9HH100 is usually stamped 601100, and the 9HH110 is usually stamped 601110.  We stock all of the Hadrian replacement parts on our website, just enter the Hadrian numbers in our website search and they should come up in your browser.  Also, when you do this look on the right hand side of your screen for the related products that go with the corresponding parts.

Hadrian Bathroom Stall Latch Cover stamped 601200

The above Hadrian Toilet Partition Latch Cover is stamped 601200 on the back, we sometimes see 601200-TY also.

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