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Global Partitions: Powder Coated Steel fast 48 hour shipping

Global Partition powder coated steel bathroom stalls ship in 48 hours for all standard colors when the partitions are Floor Anchored / Overhead Braced.  The Global standard powder coated color chart is shown here.   The Floor Anchored / Overhead Braced Partition is a layout were the partitions are supported by the floor and wall with an overhead head rail has would come with your installation, if you ordered a complete installation.   The benefits of the Global Metal Toilet Partitions are, economically priced, electrogalvanized steel, cellular honey comb core (provides maximum sound attenuation),  welded corners, concealed latches with ADA lever handle, vandal resistant fasteners, bottom gravity hinges (self closing), upper door bracket (pins goes through door and bracket 3 times), and adjustable height pilaster mounting featuring jack screws.   The steel is electrogalvanized to protect against corrosion and provide a proper base for the finish. The face sheets are held rigid and permanently in place by an interlocking strip welded at each corner. Global Partitions also offers these following options:  wood core, continuous aluminum brackets, no sight hardware, and ultimate privacy height options.  Global also offers a 3 year warranty against chipping, flaking, cracking or discoloration, for 3 YEARS from the date of receipt by the customer.

GLOBAL powder coated steel partitions provide high-tech quality at an economical price. The powder coated finish is electrostatically applied over stretcher level quality steel. The finish is highly resistant to wear, fading, staining, scratching and scuffing. It is easily cleaned with mild soap and wiped dry.

Global Partition powder coated steel toilet partitions

The above image is of the Global Partition powder coated steel bathroom stalls in the floor anchored / overhead braced layout in the Almond Color.

You can order just the Toilet Partitions Doors at this link.  Just the Bathroom Stall Dividers Panels at this link.  Just the Toilet Partition Pilaster at this link, and Complete Toilet Partitions Compartments at this link.

These partitions are ideal if you are looking for them quickly, they ship very fast.

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