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Looking for just locker hardware, try our site

If you are looking for school hallway locker and locker room hardware and locker hardware only, try our Locker Hardware Website.  On this website we have the same products as our main website,, with just locker hardware.  The benefit

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Locker hardware and parts, our handles are made in America

Most of the locker hardware today, especially the casting are made over seas.   We started making out locker handles in the 1980’s at a small foundry in Wisconsin.  Thirty plus years later, we are still having them made in Wisconsin. 

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Locker hardware handing for handles, door jambs and locks

One of the most confusing problems we encounter selling locker parts and hardware is the handing of the replacement parts.  This should be one of the easiest questions, but we still have quite a few problems.   The diagram below shows

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