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Save money by purchasing blemished rubber stair treads

If you want the look of rubber stair treads, without the cost associated with them, you may want to look at Blemished Rubber Stair Treads.  Usually the only defect is an air bubble, small color imperfection, or a dimple.   The Blemished Stair Treads come in 42″ or 48″ lengths only, and we usually recommend the solid colors.  The Marbleized colors usually look like someone spilled a bucket of paint them.   The stock varies, so you will have to decide which tread you are looking for and a few color choices.   The manufacturer usually has a plenty of them in stock, but the 787’s and 800’s are probably your best bet.  They also have matching blemished Landing Tiles.   The cost on the blemished treads is $16.95 ea, which is an incredible savings over the $60.00 ea you would usually pay for the rubber stair treads.   This is a great product for non profit organizations, schools, and churches.   You can visit our website to view the products, but you will have to call so we can check stock on the blemished treads.

Rubber Stair treads seconds

The above image is of the 787 Rubber Stair Treads. We can get blemished versions of this tread at a greatly reduced price

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