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How to keep your Grit Tape in place even on wood and concrete!

Do you have adhesive backed grit tape that will not stay in place or keeps coming up?  If you do, we have the solution.  The problem is usually the wood or concrete is just to porous for the Grit Tape to adhere to.    The solution is to put down either the GSA3 Adhesive Back Grit Tape Cement or use Rubber Contact Cement.  What this will do is seal the surface so the Adhesive Backed Grit Tape will stick until you remove it with a putty knife or heat.  We sell the GSA3 Adhesive, along with the Adhesive Backed Grit Tape in rolls, and precut sizes.  If you have any questions on these products, or any other Flooring product, please call or email our Flooring Experts.

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