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Finally a rubber stair tread designed for exterior use!

We finally have a rubber stair tread designed for exterior use!  Up to about 1 year ago we only were able to use Rubber Stair Treads for interior applications.  The UV rays of the Sun would fade and dry them out within a year or two.  R.C. Musson has a newer tread that is made of recycled tires that will stand up to the elements.  This stair tread is considered a Green Product.  The stair tread has a diamond pattern with a smooth area at the back of the tread.  This tread can be put down with Epoxy or you can mount it with screws (the tire cords prevent it from ripping).  You can order this Rubber Stair Tread 633 Series on our website. If you have any questions on this stair tread or any other stair tread product, call or email our Stair Tread Experts!

Rubber Stair Tread 633 for Exterior Use.

The above image is of the Rubber Stair Tread 633 Series Outdoor Tread

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