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Epoxy nose caulk for stair treads in heavy traffic areas

Epoxy nose caulk for stair treads in heavy traffic areas is one of the most important steps is making your Rubber or Vinyl Stair Treads last.  First of all I need to clarify heavy traffic.  Heavy traffic would be in commercial installations like Public Schools, Library, Universities, or public buildings with more than 100 passages a day.   What the epoxy nose caulk does is fill in the gaps between the nose of the step and the nose of the stair tread.   If there is a gap the rubber or vinyl stair tread will flex, and it is this flexing that causes them to crack over time.   This flexing is not just on the nose, but can be anywhere on the stair tread.   If the installation of the tread is not on a smooth surface and there are gaps even in the back part of the tread and step, flexing will happen there also.   The flexing in the back of the step will crack over time, but not as quickly as it happens on the nose.   If your step has cracks, gaps or is uneven on the nose, or has indentations on the step surface, you would put the two part epoxy on those areas, and smooth it over.   After it has dried, you would go back and sand it smooth.   We sell the epoxy in part A and B quarts, and also in tubes for use with a dispenser.   The product we recommend it is the 110 Epoxy, which can be ordered on our website.

110 Step Cover Epoxy Nose Caulk

The above image is of the 110 Stair Tread Epoxy Nose Caulk, in the part A and B quarts.

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