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Republic Storage 2 piece locker handle #12, ours are better

Have you noticed how the replacement Republic Storage # 12 Locker Handles you have been purchasing lately are breaking more frequently?  If the answer is yes, you might want to try our replacement handles.   Our replacement Republic Storage Handles are based on the version they produced in the 1970’s, which means more material on the legs (lugs) and housings.  And our handles are made in the U.S.A. in Wisconsin.   The extra material makes them much more heavy duty then the ones they are producing today.  We sell the Republic Storage #12 Locker Handle  three ways, just the lift, just the case or the complete assembly.   The case and the assembly come with the mounting screws.  The Republic Storage #12 handle, also goes by  Republic Steel #12 handle,  and Berger #12 handle.   The #12 handle has been produced since the 1965 and is still produced today.

Republic Steel #12 Locker Handle

The above picture is of our 700308, which is the Republic Storage #12 Locker Handle. Notice how the legs that fit in the locker bar are solid, not the inexpensive I beam construction they are using today.

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