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Republic steel #10, also known the Berger #10 locker handle

The Republic steel #10, also known the Berger #10 locker handle was made from 1960-1962.  This was one of the only locker handles Republic Storage used in this time period.  However, back them they were called Berger, then Republic-Berger, then Republic Steel, now they go by Republic Storage.  The locker handle is 3″ overall length, 13/16″ tall, and 7/16″ wide.  The lugs are 3/4″ on center and use a 8/32 x 1/2″ screw for fastening to the lock bar.  The locker handle is made of a die cast material and then chrome plated.   This Berger Handle is made in the USA, and is shipped with two 8/32″ x 1/2″ screws.  It can be ordered on our website, our part number is 700314.

Berger #10 Locker Handle

The above handle was used on Republic Steel (Berger) Lockers from 1960-1962.

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