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Locker hardware and parts, our handles are made in America

Most of the locker hardware today, especially the casting are made over seas.   We started making out locker handles in the 1980’s at a small foundry in Wisconsin.  Thirty plus years later, we are still having them made in Wisconsin.  We are proud of the fact that our prices are the lowest out there and we are still making our locker parts in America.  We offer All Steel, ASI, Aurora, Edsal, Interior, Lyon, Medart, Penco, Worley, Tennsco and Republic Locker Hardware

Our locker handles are made in the America

while most of our competitors have gone to Asia for better prices, we have stayed closer to home, our handles are American Made!

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4 comments on “Locker hardware and parts, our handles are made in America
  1. Jamey says:

    Are the locker handles the same as the #12 handle by republic steel locker company?

  2. tony neth says:

    Im looking for Medart locker handle it has a keyhole at the top.It has a place on side of lock for two screws 5/16 between holes. The name on the front right below the keyhole.Its approx 3 5/8 in long 3/4 wide one piece.Has a holes on side for padlock.If you can help please email me Thank You

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