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Locker hardware handing for handles, door jambs and locks

One of the most confusing problems we encounter selling locker parts and hardware is the handing of the replacement parts.  This should be one of the easiest questions, but we still have quite a few problems.   The diagram below shows a locker door and how you determine what you have.   If your locker handle is on the left hand side of the door, then you have a right hand locker hardware.  The side that your locker door jamb, or locker handle is on does not determine the hand of your door, the locker door hinges do.   So if you locker hinge is on the Right, you would order a right hand locker hardware.  If your locker hinge is on the left, you would order a left hand locker hardware.   We usually see all right hand, or a combination of both.   We have never seen just left hand locker hardware.  You can see our complete line of locker handle parts.

Right Hand Locker Door

This is a right hand locker door. For this door you would order a right hand locker handle, right hand door jamb, and right hand locker door.


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