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Anodized Aluminum Gold Kick Plates are now available online

We now have the Anodized Aluminum Gold Door Kick Plates  available online.  These plates are .040″ thick and have a base material of aluminum.  The plates are then anodized in a Gold Color and then polished.   The plates start at $16.80 ea for a 6″ x 28″ plate.  We offer blank plates (no screw holes), screw mounting (shipped with screws), Magnetic Mount,  and Tape Mount.  These plates are a great alternative to the Solid Brass Door Kick Plates or the Lifetime Polished Brass Door Kick Plates.  I would not recommend these plates for applications were there are hand carts or two wheel dollies, because aluminum is a soft material and will dent easily if they have a solid impact with another piece of metal.  If you are looking for a larger quantity of the kick plates, please contact us, we would need to know the quantities, and the sizes you  are looking for.

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