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We still have some Von Duprin 44 Parts in stock

Von Duprin has made some excellent exit devices in the past 100 years, and many of them are still in operation today. The Von Duprin 44 was discontinued in the 1980’s, but we still have some of them in stock. Many of them have been stripped for parts, but we still have lever arms, 4427 Surface Vertical Rod Active Housings, Inactive Housings, End Plugs, Rod Guides, and a few Soffit Latches. If you have an old Von Duprin 44, and are in need of parts, uou can call us at 1-800-642-2403 and speak to our Exit Device Experts.

Von Duprin 44 and 4427 repair parts

The above image is of the Von Duprin 4427 Active Housing.

We no longer have any parts left in stock, sorry!

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7 comments on “We still have some Von Duprin 44 Parts in stock
  1. Hi, at the church we have a von duprin 44 system on one exit door, the hardware seems to be all there and exit is easy, but the top latch does not make sense and is not secure. I am trying to find a parts sketch or installation instructions on this. Can you please help?

    Winston Petersen

  2. Rick says:

    Our church Von Durprin 44 latch will barely stay in the open position when the hex screw is tightened with the bar pushed in, and in fact the screw may be partially stripped. Is there a diagram that shows how this latch works?

    • rbaadmin says:

      The arms are just cast or milled aluminum, so the dog screws might be stripped. I still have some arms, they the $25.00 ea, but I only have them in a gold color, so you might have to paint them. I would take your existing arm off and see if the pocket were the dog screw fits into is wallowed out. If the pocket is wallowed out I would use the panic bar retainer, specifically the D100 model, shown here: I do not have any parts breakdowns on this exit device.

  3. Ron hepner says:

    We have a Von Duprin 44 on one of our exit doors. The bracket (hinge side) just flops around. Should there be a spring in this bracket to push the bar away from the door. Fire inspector says we need to repair this. Where can I get a replacement bracket?

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