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Von Duprin Panic Exit Device 7500 Mortise Body now online

We now have the Von Duprin Panic Exit Device 7500 Mortise Body now online.  This body is the replacement mortise body for the 8875, 9875 and 9975 panic exit devices.  This is the mortise body that fits inside the door in the mortise cavity.  The 7500 Mortise Body measures 5-7/8″ high by 4-1/2″ deep and is 1″ thick.  This 7500 Mortise Body has been used since about 1977 in all Von Duprin Panic Exit Devices.  We are currently stocking the Mortise Body in US32D, Brushed Stainless Steel finish.  This part is also known as the Von Duprin 7500 Lock Body.  We can also order replacement parts of the this 7500 Mortise Body Lock Body.  Call or email our Von Duprin Panic Exit Device experts for more information.

Von Duprin 7500 Lock Body

The above image is of the Von Duprin 7500 Mortise Body

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