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Panic Hardware – Exit Device hex dog keys

We are currently stocking Panic Hardware – Exit Device Hex Dog Keys for all of the manufactures.   We offer 1/8″,  5/32″ long and short, 3/16″, 7/32″ and the Adams Rite Plastic dog hex key.  Here is breakdown of what we know and who uses what size.

Adams Rite exit devices uses 1/8″-88R6018 , and the Plastic Key- 88R60AR
Cal Royal  panic hardware usually uses 1/8″  88R6018
Doromatic panic devices uses 5/32″- 88R60, and 7/32″ 88R60732
Von Duprin exit devices uses 5/32″ on there newer exit device and 7/32″ on there only panic hardware, before 1977 or so.
Corbin Russwin panic hardware uses 3/16″-88R60316 and , and 5/32″-88R60
Sargent panic devices uses 7/32″- 88R60732
Yale panic device uses 5/32″- 88R60
Monarch panic hardware use 7/32″ 88R60732

To order:
88R6018 1/8″ Click here
88R60AR Plastic Hex Key Click here
88R60 5/32″ long Click here
88R60 5/32″ short Click here
88R60 3/16″ Click here
88R60 7/32″ Click here

panic hardware - exit device hex dog keys

all of our keys feature a ring so they can be put on a key chain or hung on a hook

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8 comments on “Panic Hardware – Exit Device hex dog keys
  1. David Jones says:

    I wanted to order several of the exit divice hex dog keys in the 7/32 size, but the link on your web page did not work. Are you no longer selling them in this size?


  2. Mike says:

    Would like to purchase hexed dogging keys for my Dor-o-matic 1790.
    The one key in my possesion measures 3″ long & either 7/64″ or 3mm. Both sizes work in the panic device.
    I can’t find anything smaller than 1/8″ which is too large.

  3. Jamie Warden says:

    I am looking for a 5/64 allen key for a panic door at work. I am looking for the one with the loop so we can hook them on our key ring. Anyone able to help?

    • rbaadmin says:

      I do not have any that small. The smallest I have is 1/8″ (.125). 5/64″ is (.0781). In my 25 years I have never seen one that small. Sorry!

  4. Pete says:


    I have replace my dogging screw with a stainless steel screw and it requires a 7/64 hex key. Do you carry a 7/64 Dog Key or Hex Key with a loop on one end to carry on a key ring?

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