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Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Panic Device

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Panic Device has had a few names over the years. The Falcon 25-R and Monarch 25-R are the same exit device with a different name attached to them. In about 2010 Ingersoll Rand, the parent company of Monarch, Dor-o-Matic, LCN Door Closers, Von Duprin and H.B. Ives to name a few broke Dor-o-matic and Monarch off and put them under the Falcon name tag. In 2013 they put them all of there commercial door products under the Allegion name, but Falcon and Monarch are still known as Falcon products.

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Panic Device

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Panic Device

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Device Panic Device is robust and aesthetically pleasing. The Falcon 25 Series exit devices provide you a full range of functions and are for wide stile door types. Falcon is focused on providing you solid products with solid performance at a solid price. The sleek architectural design is perfect for a variety of applications to assure every door opening provides safe egress while also integrating with the overall building design. Combining functionality and design allows you to have confidence that your exit device is built to last and will look great – all at an affordable price.

The door stile is the amount of material on the door that the exit device mounts on. The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Series Rim Panic Device needs a minimum of 4″ of metal or wood around the door if your door has glass or lights in it. If you have an aluminum framed glass door, you would have to use the Monarch / Falcon 24-R, which is designed for storefront style doors.

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R Exit Device is a Grade 1 heavy duty panic device. Meaning it has been tested to 10,000,000 cycles without a failure. Falcon has been able to achieve these results by using there Patent-pending deadlocking technology, and extruded aluminum construction. The center case on this device is made out of a heavy gauge stamped steel, unlike its predecessor the 18-R and 17-R, which had a cast metal center case. All of the parts on the center case and working parts are heavy wrought or sintered metal parts. This device is ideal for offices, banks, assisted living facilities, retail stores, churches, and other commercial buildings where you have constant traffic and can take continual use and abuse.

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R ships in two widths. The device comes in a 36″ and a 48″. If your door is a 36″ door order the 36″ device. If your door is 34″ you would order a 36″ device and cut the device down in the field. If your door width is 42″ you would order a 48″ and cut the device down in the field also. The device can be cut down with a hack saw or chop saw. The minimum size door that the Monarch / Falcon 25-R will fit on is a 31-1/2″ door.

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R comes with every thing to install the panic device. In the packaging you will find all of the mounting screws, brackets and strike. The package will also comes with a dog key, which is the key you use to lock the door in the open position during office hours. The dogging on the Monarch / Falcon 25-R is a standard half turn dogging assembly. Watch the Falcon 25-R installation video:

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R latch bolt has a 3/4″ throw. The device projects from the door 2″ when in the dogged position and 2-3/4″ when in the locked position. The center case measures 9″ high by 2-5/8″ wide. The channel that goes across the door measures 2-1/4″ high with a 1-3/4″ projection, this would be the channel less the push pad. The device should be mounted so the center line of the device is 40-1/4″ from the finished floor.

With the Monarch / Falcon 25-R you can have the option of 9 different finishes, and 6 different functions. They offer polished brass, brushed brass, polished chrome, brushed chrome, anodized aluminum, stainless steel and anodized duranodic (store front dark bronze). You can also order optional outside handles like the Lever, Break Away Levers, Knob, Pull, Pull with Cylinder, and Thumb Piece.

Falcon 511L Lever Trim

Monarch / Falcon 511L Lever trim

This device also has the option for some electric functions. You can order with the optional Electric Latch Retraction (fail secure only), Fail Secure and Fail Safe Electric Trims, Delayed Egress and with Exit Alarms. Call us for pricing on these options. Another option that is non electrical is Cylinder Dogging. We can order the device with Cylinder Dogging instead of the standard Hex Key Dogging. The Cylinder Dogging would use a standard 1-1/8″long mortise cylinder with a standard cam. This cuts down on unauthorized dogging of the exit device.

Currently the Monarch / Falcon 25-R is priced under $500.00 each. This makes it a great alternative to the premium brands like Von Duprin, Sargent, Corbin Russwin and Yale. And more in line with the less expensive imported brands like Cal-Royal, International Door Closer, PDQ and Global Door Controls.

Another benefit of the Monarch / Falcon 25-R exit device Partsis the availability of replacement parts. If you purchase a panic device from an importer of devices, the parts are not readily available. With the Monarch / Falcon 25-R we stock many of the most common parts, but also have access to every replacement part they make. We are currently stocking the Strikes, Center Cases, Center Case Covers, End Caps and Dog Keys. They also offer detailed parts break downs, to assist in the event that some thing goes terribly wrong. Just respond to this post with your email and I will email you a copy of the parts break down.

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R replacement End Cap

The Monarch / Falcon 25-R replacement End Cap

The perfectly simple, tougher than nails, costs less than you think, fits anywhere exit device.
The new Falcon 25 Series exit devices fill the bill with some of the toughest, most reliable performance in the business.

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