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Listed 805H Panic Hardware is usually Sargent

When you find “Listed 805H Panic Hardware” on your exit device, the hardware is usually Sargent. The number 805H is an Underwriters Laboratory Number, that we find on all door closers and Panic Devices, in this case Sargent. The number does very little for us, because just about every Sargent Panic Device has this number on it. For us to determine which panic device you have we would need a little information.
How does your door latch? Is it latching on the side of the door or at the top and bottom.
How old is your Panic Device? Sargent has had design changes over the years and from this information we can determine which device you have.
What color is your Panic Device? Is you device a powder coated painted finish or a plated or stainless steel device.
Were is the part you are looking for located? Is it inside the device or on the surface, or is it on the latching side or hinge side of the exit device.

If you have these questions answered you can call us or search our website for the more popular Sargent Panic Device Parts and Hardware.

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Listed 805H Panic Hardware is usually Sargent
How to identify exit devices with 805H on your device.
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5 comments on “Listed 805H Panic Hardware is usually Sargent
  1. Brandon Krembs says:

    I have a customer with a broken thumb latch panic device and I am trying to locate replacement parts please let me know if there is a way I can send you the pictures I have of the device so I can determine my options. It said Arrow 10 805h on the side and I am aware that this the underwriters number found on most of these type of devices. It is a stainless steel panic bar and it has a stainless thumb latch escutcheon on the exterior with a Schlage keyway.

  2. Jamel says:

    Wanted to order a part for the sergant 80 exit door, a piece on the inside broke for where you turn the door handle to open it it may be a broken thumb piece

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