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Kawneer doors usually use Dor-o-matic Panic Exit Devices

Kawneer doors usually use Dor-o-matic Panic Exit Devices.  And to be more specific they usually use the Dor-o-Matic 1670 or Dor-o-Matic 1760 Touch Bar Styled Exit Panic Devices, but we also see the the 1490 and 1590″, and the obsolete 1390’s.  The use these two panic devices because of there rugged construction and there inexpensive price tag.   There are a few things that usually break on these exit devices.   One is the Dor-o-Matic Pinion Gear PB5,  the Dor-o-Matic Top Latch Rod Assembly PB130 and the Dor-o-Matic Dogging Assembly Kit PBX-16..  If you are having problems with the Key Cylinder, most likely a tooth is missing from the Pinion Gear PB5.   If your bottom rod is dragging on the floor, then the problem is in the Top Latch Rod Assembly PB130.   If you are unable to lock your door open with the 7/32″ allen wrench key, then your dogging assembly kit is most likely stripped.

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10 comments on “Kawneer doors usually use Dor-o-matic Panic Exit Devices
  1. Clayton Hoffman says:

    We are looking for a dogging assembly for a DOM 1790 touch bar panic. The hex head is stripped out, other than that the assembly works fine.

  2. David Blizzard says:

    Our church has a Kawneer door and the little white plastic part that fits on the upper rod behind the gear is worn and does not hold the rod into the panic bar. I just need the plastic little sleeve. Where can I get it.

  3. Wayne Sprowl says:

    I’m looking for some troubleshooting help. I have a kawneer door with dor-o-matic 1990 concealed verticle rod exit device. My problem is when the door is locked it does not latch securely. It seems that the bottom rod may be hanging up ever so slightly so the door wont close fully without manual pressure. Needless to say if you don’t remember to push on the door it’s more than likely not secure.

    • rbaadmin says:

      9 out of 10 times the problem with the bottom latch on the Dor-o-matic / Falcon 1990, is related to the top latch. The Bottom Latch just drops with gravity, the Top Latch holds is up until the Top Latch is triggered when it hits the top strike. I would look @ the Top Latch First. Manually work the Top Latch with a screw driver and is if the bottom latch is dropping.

  4. Randy says:

    I have a customer with a kawneer door. when you push on the panic pad on the inside it opens but the lower rod drags and wont retract all the way unless you push extra hard on the pad. it looks like that the latch under the cover next to the pad isn’t lifting it high enough. does the whole panic pad need to be replaced if so where can one be found ….thank you randy

  5. RW says:

    A church I have as a client has a number of 1690s that are starting to fail. The biggest problem I have encountered is the retractor slips over the hook in the top rod. When this happens the top rod does not lift the traveler-to lift the bottom rod-which does not allow the door to unlock. It appears there may be too much “play” with the traveler as it just rides over the pinion gear. It unlocks just fine from the inside when the push bar is used. Is this a bushing issue? Regards

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