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First Choice Exit Panic Devices are the same as Dor-o-matic

First Choice Exit Panic Devices are the same as the Dor-o-matic Panic Exit Devices, and are usually the 1690 or 1790.  First Choice Building Products has the 3690, which is the same as the Doromatic 1690, and the First Choice 3790 is the same as the Doromatic 1790.  The parts are interchangeable between the two companies.  We offer a complete listing of the Doromatic 1690 / 1790 Repair Parts,  and also stock the complete Panics  Doromatic 1690 /1790 Panic Devices.  The most common problem on the First Choice Building Products exit devices are the Doromatic Pinion Gear PB5 and the Doromatic Dogging Assembly PBX-16.   The pinion gear is the gear the actuates the exit device through the key cylinder.  The dogging assembly is the assembly that keeps the latch retracted through business hours.  It is activated by a 7/32″ hex key (dogging key).  On the dogging assembly, the dogging shaft tends to become stripped.  If you have any questions on these exit devices or any other Panic Exit Device, call or email out Panic Exit Device Experts!

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3 comments on “First Choice Exit Panic Devices are the same as Dor-o-matic
  1. Rob Hedrick says:

    We installed First Choice cvr panics with electric retraction on a project last year. They are complaining about the loud noise that the panics make when activated, We had Oldcastle rep out there and they told us that there was not anything we could do to help this. Then the contractor called another company and they said that they could fix the problem with the instulation of a worm drive retraction. I have not been able to find out anymore on this could you help with any information on this problem.

    • rbaadmin says:

      I am not the familiar with the Electric Latch Retraction on the First Choice exit devices. I would try and contact Dor-o-Matic, I do not want to publish there number here, but you can call me at 1-800-642-2403 and I will give you there number.

  2. Victor Hale says:

    I am in need of an internal part for an electrified First Choice RIM style panic device< I have some pictures, could I send them to you and you could let me know if the part is available?

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