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Dor-o-matic 990 Panic Device has been replaced by the 1990

The Dor-o-matic 990 Panic Device has been replaced by the 1990 Dor-o-matic Panic Device.  About 15 years ago, when Ingersoll Rand purchased Dor-o-matic they discontinued the 990.  They used to have the Dor-o-matic 990 and the 1990, were the 990 was made with cast bronze and stainless steel housings and crossbars and the 1990 has cast aluminum housings and crossbars.  These two exit devices are interchangeable.  The internal parts are the same, and you can easily convert the surface hardware to the 1990 hardware.  We stock the complete Dor-o-matic Panic Devices, and all the replacement parts needed to fix your existing Dor-o-matic 990.  Visit our web site or call our Panic Device Expert!

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40 comments on “Dor-o-matic 990 Panic Device has been replaced by the 1990
  1. stephanie kenney says:

    At one of our locations we have a dor-o-matic panic bar 990 series and im looking for springs that are inside the push portion of handle.Is it possible to get just those springs?

  2. Scott says:

    I have a 1990 series exit device that when you open the door from the outside, the top latch (PN G199025) either gets stuck open or closed, I’m not sure, and hits the top strike and keeps the door from closing the last couple of inches. Once you press the panic bar, it resets, and the door will close completely. What part or parts needs replaced?

  3. James Pfau, Ira Isd says:

    Am looking to the installation instructions on the Dor-o-matic 1990

  4. Ben says:

    I would like to get installation instructions for the 990/1990. I have a 990 and I need to make some adjustments.Thanks.

  5. Dodd says:

    I have a 1990 with the problem as Scott but my top latch is not worn out. I have put graphite on it. I think the issue is with the ‘traveller’ adjustment on the cog that sits just behind the tumbler assembly. I had a problem a while back with the screws hold the tumbler assembly slipping out and getting bent. The problem started after I replaced the screws and tried to put it all back together ( it all fell apart before I got a good look at it.). Once I get it set so that the top latch works properly then the bottom latch doesn’t engage. Maybe I need the installation instruction? Any help is welcome.

    • rbaadmin says:

      I will get the installation instructions for Doromatic 990/1990 emailed to you right away.

  6. William Parsons says:

    I have an old Series 990 Dor-O-Matic door hardware that the internal bottom rod seems to be missing on both doors. Can I get assembly instructions and do you have the bottom rod assembly? The rod is concealed. Thanks

  7. Bill Turpin says:

    Got a doromatic 1990. key will only turn 20 degrees and stops. will not lock. Need installation instructions please, and advise. Never worked on one of these. thank you.

    • Bill,
      I will email you the 1990 Doromatic Installation Instructions. The problem you are having is due to the position of the Pinion Cam on the Retractor

  8. Bruno Con Sonego says:

    We have a dor-o-matic series 1900 door at our local church and the rod that locks the door to the threshold seems too long. When in the open position it still drags on the threshold, what is the best way of adjusting the rod so it retracts completely in the door in the open position. Do I have to take the rod completely out of the door to adjust it or is there a simpler way of doing it. At the moment the rod is making a groove in the metal threshold.

  9. Bruno Con Sonego says:

    Thank you for your quick response, can the adjustment on the bottom rod be done by removing the panic handle and doing the adjustment at this point?? or do I have to remove the door from the hinges and take the rod out of the door and adjust it from the jam nut??


  10. Jake Bowley says:

    We need to replace the push bars for a Tuesday Morning in our area. Tag shows Dor-o-matic 1990 but they are 33-34″ wide. Is the 1990 what I need to order to replace?

    • Jake,
      The Doromatic 1990 comes with a 41″ wide cross bar. You would cut the cross bar in the field to fit the door. The device comes standard with the 3’8″ cross bar and concealed vertical rods for a 7 foot tall door.

  11. Monty Desai says:

    I have Dor O Matic series 990. Issues with the door when i open it smashed very had and n in couple of day the other glass going to break so please help me out.. i m trying to loose door i thing the spring is very tight but dont knw how to fix.. Could you please help me out and show me how to fix this problem… thanks

  12. Tom says:

    I have ordered replacement lever arms for the Dor-o-matic 1990 and I need instructions on how to remove the retaining rings from the axel pin so I can take the broken one off and how to install the new one. Is there a special tool?

    • Tom,
      Doromatic Falcon does not make a special tool to remove and install those. I have only done one, but what I did was fabricate a hook to pull the E Clip off. It took me about an hour to change out the arm.

  13. Mike says:

    Can I convert the Series 990 to an electric powered panic for use with access controls?

  14. Brad Weston says:

    I have a church that unlocks the doors with a key. HB mode I assume. Seems like the key does not turn far enough to remove. In other words the retractor seems to bottom out before allowing the key to turn far enough to remove and hold the rods in unlocked position. They do not want to use the dogging method. dor a matic 1990 series any suggestions

    • Brad,
      I will email you the installation instructions, that will hopefully help. It has to do with the position of the Cam on the Retractor, the instructions will clear it up.

  15. Robert Bitz says:

    Need install instructions for the 990 model

  16. Andrew Albanese says:

    I re-keyed a lock cylinder on Glass Door with 990 concealed Rod vertical door. The door locks and unlocks but does not hold the bars in retracted (unlocked) position for normal use. The office manager says a certain key position would click and leave the door unlocked. I tried adjusting the pinion cam to several diffent positions, but didn’t get it to work. There are Allen Head screws that I thought would be for dogging the door open. I turned them all the way in and no affect. Can you help me with advice? Could you e-mail me the installation instructions.

  17. LARRY LEIDY says:

    THANKS GREG For the phone help on the pinion 990
    series. Thank You Larry

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